McCain Endorses the F@#%ing Phony

John McCain endorsed Mitt today, but he wasn't so happy with him when they were opponents.

The book Game Change reports that “McCain routinely called Romney an ‘a$$hole’ and a ‘f!@#%ng phony’” in private.

On Good Morning America in October 2007, McCain said, “His record when he was in Massachusetts had many positions, most positions are direct contradictions to the ones he proclaims now, including being ardently being pro-choice, including saying he didn’t want to go back to the Reagan-Bush years, which is obviously not something that most Republicans believe in, and supporting Democrats for various offices. So look, this debate is about our records, this is about being honest with the American people, and if you’re really going to get their respect, I think you’ve got to respect them first.”

Politics makes strange f!@#%ng phony befellows.