Mayor Gives in to Protesters in Oakland

Wednesday night was different in Oakland, as the Mayor had police get out of the way of the Occupiers.

As more than 1,000 people descended on Frank H. Ogawa Plaza Wednesday night, Quan called for "a minimum police presence" and said nonviolent protesters would be allowed to re-occupy the area near City Hall. One day earlier, with Quan's authorization, 400 police officers had dismantled the tent city.

The announcements Wednesday were designed to placate the protesters, but Occupy Oakland also appeared to be dictating events. The city initially re-opened only a concrete portion of the plaza in front of City Hall, encircling the lawn where protesters had camped with a 6-foot chainlink fence. But protesters calmly removed the fence in the early evening, and some protesters began to lay down sleeping bags and drive tent stakes into the grass.