Matt Dowd: Race is Close

There's an irony in the presidential race says GOP consultant Matthew Dowd. Mitt Romney wanted to make the election a referendum on the president, but it's turned into a referendum on Mitt.

But the biggest change that's happened in this is Mitt Romney wanted this to be a referendum election. And the problem is it became a referendum, not on Barack Obama, it became a referendum on him.

Dowd also says the race is tighter than polls are making it seem.

And if Mitt Romney has a good four or five days, these fix- or six-point leads will dwindle down to about a two-point race. It's still an advantage for a Barack Obama, but a two-point race.

At that point in time, that's when all of those other environmental factors -- the unemployment rate being above 8 percent, the wrong track number being what it is, and people's view of their income -- all begin to take place in this.