Master of Deception

If you want to see a master deceiver in action, there's no where better to look than right at Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Here he is talking about Aunt Zeituni, for example.

“I heard that at one point she said she was entitled to become a citizen and I don’t think that that’s the case - with all due respect - I just don’t think that people who are here illegally are entitled to anything other than the respect you would give another living soul,” Patrick told the Herald.

Really Deval? People here illegally don't deserve anything? Then why do you support Drivers Licenses and in-state tuition for illegals?

It's campaign season, so Deval expects us to forget his true beliefs. Like three years ago, when the feds raided the Michael Bianco factory in New Bedford, and the Governor's devotion to illegal immigrants brought a passionate response.

"I urged the federal government to stop all flights out of Fort Devens immediately until we can be assured that all parents have been identified and appropriate arrangements made for their children and dependents," Patrick said at a Statehouse news conference.

His devotion to the underclass is obsessively irrational. He has never shown a similar concern for the working people of Massachusetts - those who pay the bills.

Patrick traveled to New Bedford Thursday night to meet the mayor, local lawmakers, community leaders and relatives of those detained.

"There were stories of humiliation, fear, anxiety, uncertainty," he told reporters afterward. "It reflects, for me, not what this country is about."

There is loads of fear, anxiety and uncertainty among those who play by the rules and carry the weight of Deval's tax increases. Oddly, this is where the Governor's empathy fails him.