Major Liberal Says Dems Got Everything in Tax Deal

"We got everything we wanted," says former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. So why are liberals so upset over the Obama deal with Republicans on taxes.

I think the president should lean more into this agreement. We got everything we wanted. We got the cuts for the middle class, we got a payroll tax cut, we got an acceleration of business tax cuts. We even have extended some of the other tax cuts that the president wanted, and in addition, 13 months of unemployment compensation.

This is no time for a Mexican standoff. The challenges we face are grave, the agreement reached by this president and Republicans is a good one. It could have been worse. And, frankly, I think the president should be prouder of it and use different language to support it.

It is the liberal devotion to dividing the country that has them working so hard on class warfare on the tax bill.