Mailman Called Race Names For Delivering Mail

Why is this woman irate with her Hingham, Massachusetts, postman? Hint - it has nothing to do with the post office losing $8.5 billion. It's because he delivered a certified letter to her and now won't take it back, of course. Her abuse of the guy, and his poised response, are stunning.

Racial slurs directed at a mailman in Hingham were delivered by a woman who was upset about a letter that he wouldn’t return.

“Why you calling me names? I mean, I’m just delivering your mail,” said the mailman.

A shocking video of the assault was taken by that mailman, and recently, he posted in on YouTube. The incident itself happened just over a year ago.

He told 7NEWS he believes he was fired from the post office because of his plans to make a big deal about the assault, which started with insults and escalated to punches being thrown.

“I think anybody watching that video would say the elements of hate crime were there,” said Lt. Mike Peraino from the Hingham Police Department.

The mailman believes he was fired because of his plans to release the video.

Police initially filed charges against the woman, but it never went beyond that, because the mailman backed off, according to police.

“The victim did not want to testify. Again I think the victim felt some compassion for the woman,” said Peraino.

Police admit that they’ve dealt with this woman before. But neighbors weren’t surprised by the racist rant.

“We don’t have that much to do with her because of the way she is. We don’t trust her. We’re afraid of her actually,” said Guy Steadig, a neighbor.

A year after this disturbing encounter the now former mailman says that he never wanted charges dropped, and is still convinced that it is the reason he lost his job.

The USPS explanation of the firing sounds suspicious - as does the timeline.

The US Post Office released a statement on Friday: “Let me assure you that the employee’s job status has nothing whatsoever to do with the video.”

That mailman was let go about two and a half weeks after the incident. He told 7NEWS that he was told he was let go because he missed some 90 stops on his mail route.

Since when does a union worker for an independent government agency get fired just for poor job performance?