Mac Attack

Counter to the anti-socialist trend this year, Mac D'Alessandro is running to the left of a member of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation. He's challenging Steve Lynch.

MoveOn endorses Mac D'Alessandro for the 9th Congressional District seat to replace Stephen Lynch. In an overwhelming vote, 87% of MoveOn members in the 9th district voted to endorse Mac. He is a true progressive, whose stance on the war, jobs and health care make him the candidate who will best represent the 9th district.

Despite the attacks on Lynch for voting against ObamaCare, Lynch claimed at the time that this was because the measure wasn't liberal enough, not because he was resisting the socialism of the president.

“This is a very good bill for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies,” Lynch told the Boston Globe. “It might be good for Nebraska, I don’t know. Or Florida residents. But it’s not good for the average American, and it’s not good for my district. Or for Massachusetts.”

Lynch is perhaps the only one of the ten Democrats representing Massachusetts who doesn't always vote like a member of the Politburo.