Lying Left Grandstands for Illegals in Arizona

Response to State Senator Lori Klien's reading of a letter as part of a hearing on an illegal immigration measure off a great display of how the left poses to seduce its minority base.

Klien’s speech is one of the most racist and outrageous speeches I have ever heard on the Arizona senate floor, and that is saying a lot when Russell Pearce is senate president.


Note to Lori Klien: you really think because you read a racist letter it is valid and representative of the real situation? You use all the buzzwords and nonsense of the right, including mentioning Mexico’s immigration policy.

The bill in question is Arizona SB 1407, which was defeated as Republican senators defected on several immigration measures.

Requires the AZ Department of Education to submit an annual report including research “on the adverse impact” of students who cannot prove lawful residence and a detailed estimate of the cost of educating non-citizen students and students who cannot prove lawful residence;

This story was in the news earlier in the month, but I'd never seen the video.