Long on Disease

Will the unions, and the failed liberal ideals that spawned them, succeed in doing to newspapers what they've done to the auto makers? It sure looks that way. The latest on the verge of collapsing is the New York Times owned Boston Globe. The Times wants big concessions from the unions in a last ditch effort to stay afloat.
Executives from the Times Co. and Globe made the demands Thursday morning in an approximately 90-minute meeting with leaders of the newspaper's 13 unions, union officials said. The possible concessions include pay cuts, the end of pension contributions by the company, and the elimination of lifetime job guarantees now enjoyed by some veteran employees, said Daniel Totten, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, the Globe's biggest union, which represents more than 700 editorial, advertising, and business office employees.
Isn't it amazing? Standing in the face of business imperatives, the socialists become hateful, compassion-free beasts! What will the editorial page say? (Nothing today, but there is an important opinion piece from the editorial board on the Arab League.)
This week, the Globe newsroom completed cutting the equivalent of 50 full-time jobs. But the deteriorating economy has made the Globe's financial outlook much worse. Management told union leaders Thursday that the Globe will lose $85 million in 2009 unless serious cutbacks are made, according to a Globe employee briefed on the discussions. Last year the paper lost an estimated $50 million, the employee said.
Just as Democrats are trying to find a way to circumvent their union partners in a desperate attempt to save education from the crushing squeeze of union rules, the liberal propaganda papers are becoming... socially irresponsible... in order to save themselves!
The Times Co. is seeking concessions from the unions because the New York company, which is also suffering from the recession, can no longer subsidize the Globe's losses, said the Globe employee who is not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity. The Times Co. posted a net loss of $57.8 million in 2008.
The Social Democrats, in a conspiracy with unions, have brought the auto industry, the newspapers and education to its knees while driving manufacturing to other countries. Just as they're plotting to get their hands on Health Care. It's time to go long on disease.