Living, Breathing

Calling the Constitution a "living, breathing document," is liberal code for 'we get to decide what it means today' without regard for what was originally intended.

“In [some] cases, the original intent is unlikely to solve the question, and that might be ... because we live in a world that’s very different from the world in which the framers lived,” Kagan said. “In many cases, precedent is the most important thing.”
Kagan was dipping a toe into this pool when she said that the document is meant to be interpreted over time.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told POLITICO he disagreed with Kagan’s approach. “It sounds like she may believe in an expansive role where judges have an ability to impose their will on the American people without their consent,” Cornyn said. “I’m very concerned about that.”
Every court decision, and every congressional vote, should be made looking back to make sure that, moving forward, their actions will keep America tethered to the intent of the founders.
Liberals want to look at the world, see what they don't like, then 'interpret' the constitution to get the results they want.