Lip Service Leadership

What's worse - Tony Hayward and his sailing or the president and his Lip Service Leadership?

With the oil spill far from under control, the sailing photos have sparked outrage -- including from within the Obama White House. Meanwhile, President Obama played golf yesterday, prompting some Republicans to question the president's own leisure time. BP defended Hayward's day off, just as the White House defends the president's.
The president recently compared the Gulf traged to September 11.
“In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11,” the president said in an Oval Office interview on Friday, "I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come.”
National priorities are modeled by presidential behavior, just as good corporate citizenship must be modeled by CEO's. Save the fruits for after the labor.

Lip service on the way to the club isn't leadership.