Lieberman - GSA Deputy a Convicted Embezzler

On Fox News Sunday, Joe Lieberman said that GSA honcho Jeff Neely's assistant was charged with embezzlement in 2010 - and convicted. Why didn't that lead to changes wonders Joe.

In 2010 the deputy to Mr. Neely was charged and then convicted of embezzlement. He was embezzling money from the federal government. But that didn’t seem to stop Mr. Neely from the extraordinary waste, fraud and abuse.

Lieberman's committee has oversight on GSA.

Lieberman said he has launched an investigation into the culture of the Secret Service to determine whether the actions of agents in Cartagena are an aberration. “We’re going to send them some questions this week asking whether this was an exception,” Lieberman said.

“History is full of cases where enemies have compromised people in security or intelligence positions with sex,” he added.