Liberals Discuss Michele Bachmann With Sexist Disdain

Chris Matthews guffaws with guests over the irony of Michele Bachmann being named to the intelligence committee. Ah, they're just so filled with empathy and compassion, these liberals. A moment later, he's complaining about how she talks like a zombie.

Fans of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should cover their ears because last night on Hardball, host Chris Matthews and liberal guests Ron Reagan and former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown threw every insult in the book at her and laughed hysterically while doing it.

Bachmann’s offense that launched the endless ridicule was her assertion of the now debunked myth of President Obama’s “$200 million per day” India trip. From there, the hot potato was passed between Matthews, Reagan and Brown, and whoever spoke had the challenge to one-up their colleagues and make them laugh even harder than the last guy with their own Bachmann joke.

Phony "facts" are routinely paraded on the media as being real - that's how politics is done in our country today. Tell a lie often enough, or with a big enough bullhorn, and the nation absorbs it as real.

Matthews kicked it off laughing at the thought of Bachmann being on the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives and sometimes representing “the behavior of a zombie that she does seem somewhat like she’s hypnotized” as she just mimics anything put in front of her, regardless of checking whether it’s true.

The president and liberals in congress have lied on much more important matters, such as using fraudulent numbers to make arguments for aspects of the health reform law. And how about designing the law to game the rating system of the Congressional Budget Office?