Liberal Bigotry: Cokie Knows Who the Racists Are

Anyone who thinks that Barack Obama is Muslim is a racist. So say Cokie Roberts and her husband, in a bit of Liberal Hate Speech heard Sunday on This Week.

"The bad part about this is that it's acceptable to say that he's a Muslim because the same people won't say, 'I don't like him cause he's black'"

Cokie's husband, journalist Steve Roberts, has somehow come to the same conclusion.

The word Muslim is a code word, and it's a metaphor. It's a metaphor for racism. It's a metaphor for he's different from us, he's not like us, he's got this funny name, which he says all the time. And it is - and he's an alien on some level. 

Funny, isn't it odd that viewing the president as "the other" has nothing to do with the fact that he ran as a religious man but stopped going to church when elected, had a twenty year spiritual adviser who traffics in anti-American hate, got his political start from anti-American terrorist Bill Ayers or put Communists like Van Jones into positions of power?