Liberal Attack Machine Takes Aim at Rubio

The left's attack machine has sprung on Marco Rubio, trying to damage his status, it would seem, as an obvious choice for VP next year.

The Washington Post has taken a beating for publishing a report claiming that Florida senator Marco Rubio "embellished" the story of how his parents left Cuba. The story is ridiculously hyped and based on the false premise that Rubio's parents don't count as "exiles" because they first came to the United States in 1956, prior to Castro's 1959 takeover.

They tried to return in 1961 but could not stay because it was "clear that Cuba was headed full speed toward Communism," as Rubio's office told the Post.  "[I]f my grandparents left Germany in 1930 or 1931 and wanted to go back but couldn't in '33. Wouldn't they be exiles?" Jonah Goldberg writes on Twitter.