Lew Runs Over Deval

Will anyone make Deval Patrick pay an appropriate political price for his expansion of rights for illegal aliens? Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis is taking the county into Secure Communities, a highly reasonable federal program that the governor is fighting.

The sheriff decried the death of Matthew Denice, 23, of Milford, who was dragged to his death last Saturday, allegedly by a drunken illegal alien with a criminal record. He said that if the state were already participating in the Secure Communities Act program, Nicholas Guaman, a native of Ecuador, would have already been identified by U.S.

The Republican sheriff called on Gov. Deval L. Patrick to reverse his decision not to sign up the state for the program. He criticized the Democratic governor of putting politics before public safety.

However Patrick administration officials have said the federal government notified the state earlier this month that it will impose the program with or without their consent.

Imagine arguing that you shouldn't be criticized for not joining a program because you're friend in the White House is going to force you to join it anyway? Deval gets away with this sort of doublespeak all the time.