Leftists Argue Big Storm Justifies Big Government

The dopes on the liberal MSNBC revel over the big storm this week as proof that Americans want and need big government, going out of their way to confuse federal responsibilities to those of local government.

The common welfare is cited twice in the Constitution Sam; in the preamble and in the body of the Constitution. And so you would think that clearing snow is part of the common, is part of the general welfare.

There's nothing about the General Welfare Clause, by the way, that implies justifies for big government.

At that time, it was clear that general welfare in this context dealt with the welfare of the Union, and excluded any individual or local welfare.

Some were opposed to the general welfare clause during the writing of the Constitution, fearful that it would be used to undermine the limitations on the authority of the federal government. Writing in The Federalist Papers, James Madison found this objection disengenuous.

Some, who have not denied the necessity of the power of taxation, have grounded a very fierce attack against the Constitution, on the language in which it is defined. It has been urged and echoed, that the power “to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States,” amounts to an unlimited commission to exercise every power which may be alleged to be necessary for the common defense or general welfare. No stronger proof could be given of the distress under which these writers labor for objections, than their stooping to such a misconstruction.

In other words, Madison was suggesting that you'd have to be an idiot to think that the General Welfare Clause was a justification for ignoring the limitations on federal power.