Left Counts Driving Hybrid Bus as Green Job

Want to get enraged? Watch this interaction at a congressional hearing over whether the driver of a hybrid bus is working in a "green job."

At a committee hearing Thursday, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis cited the case of Peter Reyes, who had been laid off from his job in banking and retrained with government help to drive a hybrid bus manufactured in Hayward and operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Solis visited the bus line in June and talked with workers.

"What makes driving a hybrid bus a green job and driving another bus not a green job?" Mack asked. "Driving a bus is driving a bus. ... It's only a green job if it fits into your sales pitch." Solis retorted, "Would you rather have that person unemployed?"

The Green Job Hoax is taking a hit from Darrell Issa's hearings.