Leaving Blue Behind

Jim Bender is one of four Republican candidates to succeed Judd Gregg in the senate from New Hampshire.

Bender is one of two businessmen in the race, along with Bill Binnie.
The frontrunner for the Republican nomination is Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, who is under attack already by the Democrat, leftist Congressman Paul Hodes.
Ovide Lamontagne is a Manchester attorney who has run a couple of times for office... the others are beginners.
Ayotte, as the appointed AG, is viewed as an insider and seems to be fading. But she and Binnie would beat Hodes, according to Rasmussen, Bender is in a dead heat, and Ovide runs a little behind. Get to know the candidates, it's going to be a fun race to watch as New Hampshire is poised to go Red after turning Blue a few years ago. Bender and Lamontagne look intriguing to me, while Ayotte's campaign hasn't followed-up on my requests for a meeting.