le bon Américaine

Barack is the guy they love in France! He is the Good American of the era.

In recent decades, good Americans have included John F. Kennedy and his wife
Jackie (whose elegance betrayed a European sensibility), Woody Allen (of
European urbanity and wit), Michael Moore (of European vehemence on the Iraq
war) and Al Gore (of European environmentalism).

After Camelot, is there anyone on the list that would make an American's list of Good Americans?

But right now, in French eyes, there's a single good American: the
Democratic Party nominee, Barack Obama. His book, "The Audacity of Hope," is on
bestseller lists. His face is everywhere, sometimes in socialist realist images
evoking Che Guevara.

Just a reminder - Che was a Argentine Marxist revolutionary who became a commander
in Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement, playing a pivotal role in the successful guerrilla campaign to overthrow the U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.[1] After the Cuban revolution, Guevara served in many prominent governmental positions, including president of the national bank, minister of industry, and “supreme prosecutor” over the revolutionary tribunals and executions of suspected war criminals from the previous regime.
It's a joy to know what the French want for the United States. They think we need a Marxist revolutionary, and they think it's possible, now that anti-french feeling has subsided and the neaderthal Republican years are over.
Four years ago, with post 9/11 nationalist sentiment still running high, John
Kerry had to hide the fact he spoke French and had French relatives. Republicans
liked to mock the then Democratic candidate by suggesting he began rallies with
a "Bonjour."

What I think this means for Obama is that French or European adulation for him
is no longer a political problem. It cannot be associated by the likes of Karl
Rove with wimpy Euro appeasement and "socialism." If anything, Americans are
looking to European health care and environmental measures as
possible models.

Wait until voters here discover just how strong Barack's revolutionary ties are.