Laura Goes Wild Over Stunning Sex Sting Tapes

Laura Ingraham tears into Planned Parenthood supporter Jane Kleeb over the organization's reaction to a sting that had actors seeking services to support their sex trade activities with underage girls.

The tapes were produced by Lila Rose, who was trained along with ACORN Stingman James O'Keefe, on using tools like hidden camera traps to create social change by exploding perceptions on major issues like abortion.

Planned Parenthood is the target of the day. But the ultimate goal of this new generation of right-wing muckrakers is the overthrow of the perceived liberal-leaning mainstream media narrative on touchstone political issues such as guns, racism, and abortion. Rose casts her work in light of the civil-rights movement of the 1960s, and her videos are the tinder for peaceful social insurrection.

By the way, Kleeb wasn't happy with the way she was treated by Laura - on her blog she lamented not having had more time to express herself.

Laura Ingraham was not in a journalistic mood last night.  When I appear with Bill O’Reilly he at least gives me the opportunity to talk.  It was clear after the first question that Laura wanted to echo what many of the anti-abortion groups are saying right now as an orchestrated campaign to try and frame Planned Parenthood as supporting sex trafficking.  That is an outlandish claim and the only people who will believe it are the same people who continue to sit in their corner rather than develop common sense laws to reduce the amount of abortions and ensure women have access to preventative as well as prenatal care.

There is an orchestrated campaign to get the truth out about left wing organizations, like ACORN and Planned Parenthood, that receive large amounts of tax dollars while engaged in outrageous and destructive behaviors.

As with ACORN, these exposes are heroic. Americans will be shocked, if not surprised, by what they see, and maybe the flow of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into their hands each year will end.