Laughing Matters

Folks in Arizona don't find illegal immigration funny, which is why they passed, and support, their new immigration law.

64% of Arizona voters favor the new immigration law signed last week by Governor Jan Brewer. Thirty percent (30%) are opposed.
This point is made nicely in a new ad from Governor Jan Brewer that makes the president look like he lacks compassion.
Fox News has a new poll out on the Arizona law, and the nation is supportive.
The new poll finds 61 percent of voters nationally think Arizona was right to take action instead of waiting for the federal government to do something on immigration.
The 61 percent number isn't particularly surprising unless one considers the two weeks of media rampage over the alleged harshness and unconstitutionality of the measure.
That's more than twice as many as the 27 percent who think securing the border is a federal responsibility and Arizona should have waited for Washington to act.
Even Democrats aren't pursuaded by their party's constant cries of racism.
Most Republicans (77 percent) and independents (72 percent) support Arizona taking action. Democrats are divided: 43 percent think the state was right, while 41 percent think Arizona should have let the federal government take the lead.
The president's challenge? How to mollify the Democratic base, a portion of whom think it is a violation of human rights to even have a border, while not pushing the buttons of mainstream voters enough to fuel a mutiny against Democrats in the fall elections six months from now.