LA Mayor's War on Working People

Why does the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, hate working people?

A flyer from SEIU Local 721 features Mayor Villaraigosa and Scott Walker side by side with the headline: “Separated at birth?” The piece goes on to accuse the mayor of using “Wisconsin tactics” to attack city workers.

The reason the mayor is engaging in what to the Marxocrats is a form of hate speech is that driving his city into bankruptcy wouldn't do much for his political future, and that's what the corrupt giveaways to public workers are doing across the country.

Back home, key Villaraigosa allies are warning City Hall is on the verge of going broke. Complaints from neighborhood activists over reduced city services are growing louder.

And public employee unions, a force at next week's Democratic convention, are increasingly hostile to Villaraigosa. Some, angry over the mayor's efforts to roll back pension benefits, have likened him to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a lightning rod of anti-union fervor and a target of Democratic Party ire.

Democrats and their union partners are creating municipal bankruptcy nationwide, but poor Antonio Villaraigosa's is bad enough that he has to do something about it.