Krauthammer/Shields Bicker Over Pelosi Taliban Membership

Liberal Mark Shields gets bent out of shape when Charles Krauthammer says Taliban popularity levels in Afghansitan are at Pelosi-like levels. Charles' response is delightful.

KRAUTHAMMER: ...I believe the administration when it says that they are making progress, meaning they are expanding the circles of the territory in the Pashtun areas in the south and Kandahar, where we are in control and not the Taliban. The Taliban, remember, have an approval level of about six percent, around Pelosi levels, and the reason that people support them is not ideology. It’s fear. Which makes it easier.

MARK SHIELDS: Remarkable career that, just one personal note: I object to, clever as it was, mentioning Nancy Pelosi in the same sentence with the Taliban. I think that’s a cheap shot, and I think it’s beneath the panelist who made it.

KRAUTHAMMER: Let me specify that Nancy Pelosi is not a terrorist…


KRAUTHAMMER: …in case it was unclear.

SHIELDS: Well it was, that was the burden of the message of Rush Limbaugh yesterday, calling her a terrorist on national, on national radio.