Krauthammer & Shields Debate Joe Lieberman

Krauthammer puts Joe Lieberman in same class as Scoop Jackson, Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy - cold war liberals. Liberal Mark Shields doesn't like the tribute, and the two have a spat. Good stuff.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Lieberman is probably the last of a breed that began with Truman and Kennedy and Scoop Jackson and to an extent Pat Moynihan who were the classic Cold War liberals, committed to a liberal stance on domestic issues.

MARK SHIELDS: Let's get one thing very candid about Joe Lieberman right now. He did something that nobody has done in politics since John Bell Williams of Mississippi and Albert Watson of South Carolina when Barry Goldwater ran in 1964 and they were Democrats. He broke with his Party and endorsed the other Party's candidate. He not only did that, he appeared at the convention. Scoop Jackson never did that. Scoop Jackson supported the Democrat. Pat Moynihan never did that. He not only did it, he was seeking the vice presidential nomination of the Republican Party. So, I mean, this was a, made himself a man without a Party and without a following, and he could not win a primary.