Krauthammer Outlines Historic Repudiation of Obama

Krauthammer and Newt play taps for the Obama agenda, and the word "historic" comes up.

“It’s bigger than 1994,” Gingrich told The Daily Caller shortly after it was projected that the GOP would assume a majority in the House late Tuesday night. “It’s a more decisive repudiation. I think the total number of seats will be bigger. I think the governorships are bigger. I think the state legislature, things like losing North Carolina for the first time since 1898. That has to be seen as historic.

Newt spoke with great confidence about the devastation even before it happened.

Gingrich said that despite the gains this year, he thinks the incoming class in 2011 will not have as strong an impact as the Congress he presided over in from 1995 to 1999.

“I don’t know that this Congress will have more impact than we did,” he said.  “But it can have a significant impact.”

Much of it will be determined, he added, on whether Obama is willing to move more to the center and work with the new Republican House majority, calling it the “biggest decision of his presidency.”