Krauthammer: AG Move a Fast & Furious Insult

Eric Holder yesterday offered a briefing to Darrell Issa in place of the thousands of pages of Fast & Furious documents his committee had subpoenaed. Krauthammer calls the move an insult.

Issa told reporters after the roughly 20-minute meeting that Holder instead briefed them on the documents in lieu of delivering them. And he suggested he might delay the contempt vote, called for because Holder and the department have not responded to two subpoenas requesting additional information.

The failed Fast and Furious operation attempted selling thousands of guns to arms dealers along the U.S.-Mexico border to trace them to leaders of drug cartels. However, many of them showed up in crime scenes, including where U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in a shoot out. Congressional investigators have been trying to determine if and when high-level Justice officials knew about problems with the operation.