Koran Interrupted

In a rush to get things resolved, Pastor Terry Jones apparently wasn't listening. No one has agreed to move the Ground Zero mosque, it seems, in exchange for the cancellation of Burn a Koran Day, so now Terry says he's back to square one. Not square one Let's Have a Koran Burning, but square one Should We Burn Some K's.

An anti-Islamic preacher backed off and then threatened to reconsider burning the Quran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, angrily accusing a Muslim leader of lying to him Thursday with a promise to move an Islamic center and mosque away from New York's ground zero.

It sounds as if the feds turned the screws on Terry a bit, and now he's considering leaving his Zippo at home.

"Given what we are now hearing, we are forced to rethink our decision," Jones said. "So as of right now, we are not canceling the event, but we are suspending it." Jones did not say whether the Quran burning could still be held Saturday, but he said he expected Musri to keep his word and expected "the imam in New York to back up one of his own men."