Knowing Marco I

Marco Rubio is challenging Governor Charlie Crist in the Florida GOP primary race for U.S. Senate. While Crist once held a big lead, there's been a reversal of roles.
Marco Rubio is the second coming of Scott Brown, politically speaking. He’s in a lot of ways better than Brown. He’s younger, he’s good looking, he’s more conservative and he’s not afraid to take on the “establishment republicans” as he’s shown in taking on Crist. While Brown facilitated a miracle in Massachusetts, what Rubio is doing is no less miraculous. The tea party movement has latched onto Marco Rubio much to his benefit. Mainly because Rubio stands for principles over party; had he been strictly a party man he wouldn’t have entered the Florida Senate race, he would have simply stepped aside and allowed Charlie Crist to walk across the finish line with a 30 point victory. And let’s face it 2010 is the year of the conservative, and Charlie Crist is no conservative. And personally embracing Barack Obama can’t help him much either.