The Kiss

It's a tough day for Democrats and their women. First, the Gores - is it possible that Tipper has never gotten over the kiss?

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marriage that included a White House run when their sunny relationship offered a counterpoint to President Bill Clinton's philandering.
Being used in that fashion must have been upsetting, but I imagine it's got more to do with an ego problem, with Al becoming unbearable after ascending to the status of the Prince of Warming.
The Gores, who were married on May 19, 1970, at the National Cathedral in Washington, crafted an image as a happily married couple during his eight-year stint as vice president in the 1990s and a presidential candidate in 2000. The couple famously exchanged a long kiss during the 2000 Democratic presidential convention. The image of their warm relationship stood in sharp contrast to the Clinton marriage rocked by Bill Clinton's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a scandal that hung over Gore's own presidential campaign.
Was it all, alas, a fiction? Speaking of fiction, let's revisit the happy marriage of John and Elizabeth Edwards. You know that the relationship was severed as a result of John's shenanigans going public. Now, some media outlets are reporting that Elizabeth is plotting to deny him custody of the kids in case she succumbs to cancer.
In an e-mail to ABC, Elizabeth Edwards emphatically denied a report that she was "grooming" daughter Cate, a 28-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer, to raise her younger siblings Emma, 12, and Jack, 10, in the event of her mother's death.
While Elizabeth may not want to be viewed as seeking to deny her children access to their father, the point would be moot if he was behind bars.
Disgraced politician John Edwards is seeking a plea deal with federal authorities in order to avoid serving any time in prison, the National Enquirer reports. Edwards is under investigation by the FBI and the IRS for campaign violations regarding payments to his former mistress Rielle Hunter. Edwards is "terrified" of going to jail, according to the Enquirer source, and "he's willing to cop to a misdemeanor charge" to avoid jail time, but "is asking to keep his law license."
What a shame Barack didn't make him Attorney General. You have to hand it to the president, he has more of a spine than John Kerry, who couldn't stand Edwards but still made him his VP choice.