Kids We Trust

Is there a stupidity threshold one must get over before being hired to teach at Harvard? How dumb do you have to be for Harvard Med?

Two Massachusetts doctors, both who teach at Harvard Medical School, were arrested Sunday and charged with facilitating an underage drinking party in which 70 teenagers -- mostly new graduates of St. Paul's School in Concord -- were placed into police custody. Police said Jon Wesley Boyd, 46, and Theonia Boyd, 49, were charged with facilitating an underage drinking party.
Despite being a psychiatrist, Doctor Boyd apparently understands nothing about human behavior - at least that of teenagers.
Wesley Boyd said he hosted the graduation party Sunday for his daughter, Ariana, who had graduated from St. Paul's School hours earlier. But the Boyds stressed in two e-mails to guests that drinking and drugs would not be tolerated, he said. And Boyd even stood on a table at the party and repeated the prohibition, he said in an interview last night.
The kids must have had a good laugh over that. One thing you can trust about an 18 year old is that they'll act like someone who's 18 years old - at best!
"We were not naive. We figured there was going to be drinking, but we would do everything we could to stop it," Boyd said. "Our problem was we trusted these kids like we trusted our kids. Some kids abused the crap out of us."
No, you're not naive. That doesn't begin to cover it. You trusted all the kids like they were your own? And that means you think your kids didn't know about the booze?
Police said they were called to 94 Martin Road about 11 p.m. Sunday after neighbors complained of a large party. So many people under 21 were at the party that Weare police called officers from Henniker, Dunbarton, Hopkinton and New Boston for help. "By night's end, over 70 minors were taken into protective custody," police said in a statement.
Remind me never to loan my house to anyone... at least, no one who teaches at Harvard.
Boyd said the home belongs to a colleague of his who lives in Boston, who let him use it for the weekend. The Boyds provided pizza, soda and salad for the party, he said. Boyd, a psychiatrist, said he never saw anyone drinking any alcohol. He acknowledged he may have thought one or two kids were intoxicated, but he couldn't know for sure because he saw no one drinking. He was surprised when police showed photos, taken after the arrests, with large numbers of beer containers in the yard, he said.
Smart guy. The most shocking part of it all is that some police officers weren't up to date on their sensitivity training.
Meanwhile, he said police made derogatory comments about some of the students taken into custody. They called an Asian a special-needs student; told an African-American he must be at St. Paul's on a basketball scholarship and described an Indian woman as a princess, Boyd said. A red-head was called "red," he said. "You pick the stereotype, there were derogatory remarks being made about that person," he said.
It's a cold, cruel world out there.