The Kennedy Hustle

The Kennedy Hustle is the favorite dance of the Obama Kampaign. They're convinced that they can trick the country into thinking that he's the offspring of Bobby and Jack, and who can say they're wrong? Now they've tapped Caroline Kennedy to serve on the Vice Presidential search committee.
In addition to President John F. Kennedy's daughter, former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Jim Johnson, former CEO of Fannie Mae, will lead the search for a running mate, Burton said.
How dumb are the educated elite moonbats who are so passionate about Barack's candidacy that they would fall for such an silly ploy? Check out this comment posted on the Chicago Tribune's blog:
I am so excited about him (Barack) winnning. I am 65 and I am so happy that what we at our age did and saw go down in the d 60's and who felt so guilty when Reagan became Pres. and so much went down the drain has been relieved somehow.
Caroline will get them going, no question.