Keeping Him Honest

Senator Orrin Hatch is a compassionate man, which is why he's trying to do the President a favor. He doesn't want Barack Obama to be lying when he says that under his health care proposal, everyone would get to keep the health care coverage they have currently.
Republicans proposed amendments to restore $113 billion in cuts to the Medicare Advantage program, arguing that Mr. Obama's pledge that consumers could keep their current coverage wouldn't apply otherwise.
The GOP was busy trying to reveal the truth - that the Democrats plan to help fund reform by taking coverage away from seniors on Medicare.
"They're not going to keep what they have if my amendment isn't passed," said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican.
Democrats, of course, weren't accepting Orrin's offer of integrity. They, apparently, aren't concerned over whether the President's commitments to Americans are legitimate.
Democrats knocked down Republicans' attempts to restore proposed cuts to Medicare providers in the Senate Finance Committee's health care reform bill as lawmakers repeatedly clashed on issues important to seniors.
This is tough for the good government people. Seniors are already very nervous over potential changes to Medicare coverage, and if they learn that the president has been trying to trick them, it won't play well.
Republicans unleashed a blistering attack on the health care bill Thursday morning, warning that beneficiaries of privately run Medicare Advantage plans would end up with reduced coverage. And Democrats, in turn, accused the Republicans of defending the status quo and having no ideas of their own.
Let's see - the GOP accuses Dems of cutting Medicare benefits, and the Democrats can't defend themselves. Now that's a surprise.