Kailua Interrupted

At the beginning of the week, the White House announced that the President wouldn't be leaving Washington for his two week Hawaii getaway until after the Senate passed the health care bill on Thursday. If you're curious why they were being so cautious, take a look at where the Obamas vacation!
“I will not leave until my friends in the Senate have completed their work," Obama said during remarks in the Roosevelt Room. "My attitude is that if they’re making these sacrifices to provide health care to all Americans then the least I can do is be around to provide them any encouragement and last minute help where necessary. That’s the deal.”
Imagine the outrage that would have followed release of pictures of the Obamas at their $4,000 a night getaway while the Senate, including 92 year old Robert Byrd, was casting 1am votes!
Obama left the White House earlier on Christmas Eve after the U.S. Senate passed health care legislation. Obama leaves behind a Washington bitterly divided over his top domestic priority. The first family's departure was delayed until senators took action.
By the way, the delay wasn't all that costly - their departure had been planned for Wednesday afternoon, but the senate held its vote Thursday morning and the Obamas were on their way at 10:15.