Judgement Day

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the best.

And we now have a situation where we are in a deep hole and we’ve got two choices. We can continue to do what we’ve always been doing before and I don’t think we should, because that’s crazy, that’s what got us here. But the new path and the bolder path is a path that will be lined with resistance from those who are benefiting from the current system and they will attempt to scare you. They’ll attempt to scare you about change and they’ll attempt to tell you that you’re ox is the one that’s going to get gored. The same people who are telling you to get something and someone else will pay for it are not going to tell you watch out, because when change comes they’re going to take it away from you.
They should be teaching a course on Christie 101 at Republican Academy. The best.
We all know that it’s being taken away from us as we speak; our standard of living, our way of life is being challenged by an economy where we have too much debt, too big of government, too much spending and taxes being too high. We all know it in our hearts, depending upon where we are in the political spectrum we may want to admit it more or less but we all know it. We all know it to be true.
Love the guy.
Now for all of you who are parents out there and grandparents, you know judgment day is coming. And by that I mean, our children and our grandchildren are going to judge us. At the moment where we have the ability to make decisions about how optimistic and hopeful and prosperous their future can be, are they going to look back and say we buried our head in the sand?  Ignored the problems.  Cared only about our own creature comforts and didn’t care about tomorrow.