Juan Williams: Trayvon Problems belong to Democrats

Juan Williams is on fire over the Trayvon Martin case and how the left is using at to do civil rights flashbacks. Why aren't we talking about current problems, he asks. Ironically, each item on his list is a failure in a realm controlled 100% by the Democratic Party - Hollywood, education and urban America.

...people keep trying to fit things into that narrative and they want to make the Trayvon Martin case into an exemplar of the kind of injustice that took place 50 years ago. It is not.

I don't know if it's racial... But the larger point for me is this, that you look at the kind of images of young black people on TV today, the pants down, the do-rag. This is all a jailhouse fashion. Nobody says a word about it.

Nobody says a word about the fact that almost half of the murders in the United States are of black people and 90 percent of them are committed by other black people.

What is this carnage in the black community, in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, every day of the week, and nobody has a march for them? It's outrageous.

You know, people talk about the larger context, the bad schools. Where are the marches against the schools that are failing these kids and lead to the 40 percent unemployment rate for black teens in this country? To me, this is the civil right's challenge of this generation, yet people want to replay what was happening 50 years ago, Chris.

Williams has laid out a template for Republicans to campaign on regarding how the Democrats have destroyed modern minority America. Would someone please run with it?