Juan Williams: These People are Destroying NPR

Reaction to the "rude, condescending" remarks by the NPR executive in the new James O'Keefe sting from Juan Williams on Sean Hannity's Show last night.

These folks are doing damage to real good journalists at NPR - the people who go out there and gather the news - because they're destroying the brand... these people are just destroying NPR!

Here's NPR's report on NPR's meltdown... including news that the exec featured in O'Keefe's tape, Ron Schiller, has been put on administrative leave.

Filmmaker James O'Keefe said the idea for the sting stemmed from an incident in October when NPR fired analyst Juan Williams after he said he got scared when people wore Muslim garb on airplanes.

Late Tuesday evening, Schiller issued an apology through NPR.

"While the meeting I participated in turned out to be a ruse, I made statements during the course of the meeting that are counter to NPR's values and also not reflective of my own beliefs," Schiller said in a statement. "I offer my sincere apology to those I offended. I resigned from NPR, previously effective May 6th, to accept another job. In an effort to put this unfortunate matter behind us, NPR and I have agreed that my resignation is effective today."