Juan Williams: Liberal Extremists Holding President Hostage

You know how the media buys the storyline about how "GOP Extremists" cause the troubles in Washington? Well, listen to Juan Williams describe how liberal special interest groups have moved congress to box the president in so that he can't act in the best interest of the country.

You saw Moveon, you saw AARP, you saw AFL-CIO and SEIU all engage their members to absolutely zoom in on congress with phone calls and lobbying to say 'stop the president from giving up everything to the Republicans.'

This statement from Juan is powerful - listen to it again and make sure the full impact has hit you. He's describing the liberal members of congress doing the same thing to the president that the Tea Party is doing to Boehner.

The Democrats flew over to the White House and said 'what are you talking about?'... You are putting our political fortunes at risk. This is not what we want.

Imagine if the media was pushing the story that Democratic extremists in congress were forcing the country to the brink!