Jon Huntsman Gets the Economy Right!

Jon Huntsman is way too liberal for me, so I was shocked to hear the former Utah Governor recite my list of three actions that should be taken right away to battle the bad economy - fix the tax code, cut regulations, and get us off of foreign oil - in the exact order that I offer them!

The most important thing we can do to get this economy going today is, number one, we've got to reform our taxes. We've got to create a competitive tax code, just like we did in the state of Utah... We've got to lower the rate and broaden the base.

Number two, we've got to get the regulatory money off our back. People aren't putting money into the marketplace. They're not hiring because there's so much uncertainty and confusion about where this economy is going.

Number three, I think the most important step we can take in terms of perhaps immediate job creation is energy independence, weaning ourselves away from this heroin-like addiction to imported oil.

The president is pursuing policies that are so obviously harmful to the economy that setting a turnaround agenda is pretty simple. Huntsman just proved it.