Joe Kennedy's Friends in Venezuela

We were speculating on the air the other day, with Joe Battenfeld, about the potential for Joe Kennedy to challenge Scott Brown next year in an attempt to undo the theft of "Teddy's Seat." But then we remembered Joe's socialist dictator problem.

Police and soldiers fired water cannons and plastic bullets yesterday as thousands of students demonstrated against a law that increases government powers over Venezuela’s universities.

At least four people were injured, including a news photographer who was treated for a cut to the head after being hit with an object. Dozens of police and National Guard troops in riot gear blocked protesters outside the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, firing plastic bullets into the air and at the demonstrators.

The law governing universities, approved by the National Assembly before dawn yesterday, was denounced by students as an attempt by President Hugo Chavez to clamp down on autonomous state institutions that have been a bastion of opposition to his government.They won’t take away our right to protest,’’ the protesters chanted. “Long live the university! Out with the military boot!’’