Jesse's View

Joy Behar says that Bill O'Reilly was engaged in hate speech when he said that Muslims killed us on 9/11. She reviewed the segment from The View with Jesse Ventura, who mentioned that what O'Reilly said was a fact, then said that he's a 9/11 Truther. Joy didn't walk off the set - or even challenge Jesse.

For Joy Behar, saying Muslims killed Americans on September 11, 2001 is "hate speech," but saying the American government did it is perfectly acceptable and well within the bounds of civil discourse.

VENTURA: Let me say this about the mosque. Excuse me. The constitution says they can do it. It ends there. You cannot subject the constitution to a popularity poll. The constitution is there, joy, to protect unpopular speech. Popular things don't need protecting.

BEHAR: Do you think that is hate speech or is it free speech when somebody says something like the muslims killed u on 9/11?

VENTURA: Well, it's a fact.

BEHAR: Isn't it provocative?

VENTURA: Sure it is. But, you know, to me it - i don't really consider it hate speech. You know? If it's truly the truth and it's facts and facts are facts. And whether they make you uncomfortable or not, that's you as an individual.

BEHAR: Well he would say they were facts. That was his answer to us.

Further evidence that the Joy/Whoopi walk-off from the O'Reilly interview was just so much grandstanding.