Jerry Brown Angers California Unions

It's getting less surprising for Democrats to want to hurt "working people." Deval Patrick hates them - he supported anti-union, pro-taxpayer changes in Massachusetts. And now Jerry Brown, Governor Moonbeam himself, realizes that life as we know it can't continue in California if special favors for labor don't get reined in.

Governor Jerry Brown's pension reform package that's finally in bill form is getting a huge "thumbs-down" from public-employee unions that had hoped to negotiate something less severe. It asks current employees to contribute more and calls for a hybrid retirement plan for new hires, essentially including a 401(k).

Unions won't publically bad-mouth a governor they helped get elected, but privately, several are thinking about not supporting Brown's tax initiative because of the drastic pension changes. They'll be meeting to discuss the possibility over the next few days and weeks.

Gov Brown has put tax hikes to voters in the form of a ballot question in order to close a nearly $10 billion deficit in his budget for next year.