Iraq Lies

I have often railed against the lies told by both Barack and Hillary with regard to Iraq, and their promise to withdraw troops, on a predetermined schedule, without regard for what is happening on the ground.

Obviously, no responsible candidate would commit to such a thing and mean it. But the moonbats who are the core of the Democratic Party are stupid with anti-war zeal, so their candidates tried to out-lie each other in order to win votes.

Now that the general election is approaching, more rational voters are becoming part of the process, and Barack is owning up to his lies.
Confronted with his statements on withdrawal policy, Obama replied, "Well, you
know, I'd never say there's 'nothing' or 'never' or 'no way' in which I'd change
my mind."

Okay, moonbats - how does it feel to be lied at by the Savior in charge of the new kind of politics?
"Obviously, I'm open to the facts and to reason. And there's no doubt that we've
seen significant improvements in security on the ground in Iraq. And our troops,
and Gen [David] Petraeus, deserve enormous credit for that," he added.

Wow. He sounds alot like the Republican nominee, doesn't he?
"And in terms of long-term strategy, I am absolutely convinced that the best thing we can do is to set a clear timetable, tell the Iraqis we are going to start pulling out and do it in a careful fashion," he said.

Ah, he wants to set a timetable, but not follow the timetable. Now we get it. I wonder if is impressed with this revision to his anti-war stance.

But Barack was always an anti-war fraud - admired for having spoken out against the war when he had no influence, he's done nothing to work toward its end since arriving in Washington 3 years ago.