Indiana Dems Put Unions Ahead of Kids

Democrats have also fled Indiana, but some say it's not over legislation that would weaken collective bargaining rights for their union subsidiaries. After all, Governor Mitch Daniels got rid of collective bargaining rights for public sector unions 6 years ago.

Rather, the real fear of fly-by-night Democrats is recently introduced legislation that would establish path-breaking statewide tuition scholarships enabling students from low and middle income families to choose their own school. By running, these politicians are signaling blanket opposition to the education reform proposals of a conservative coalition led by Governor Mitch Daniels.

A consistent advocate of education reform, Gov. Daniels is fighting on several fronts. Daniels aims to increase charter schools and ease chartering requirements, establish an easy method for parents to reclaim their failing schools through a voting process, and renegotiate collective bargaining agreements with teachers’ unions, among other things. However, Daniels has moved beyond just charter schools, mandates, and testing requirements and is now contesting the government school bureaucracy on its own ground.

I think it's fair to assume that Democrats wouldn't be upset if public education were to improve in this country. But they will fight vigorously against the structural changes required to make it happen, as they put the wants of their union partners way above the needs of America's children.