Accuse them of being Politically Correct, and the leadership of Tewksbury, Mass will tell you that's incorrect.

It is a simple name change in the Tewksbury school calendar from "Christmas vacation" to "winter vacation."
That's a relief. An uniformed observer might think they were dumping the word "Christmas" to mollify those who are uncomfortable having a Christian holiday receive such clear institutional support.
"It is a way to be more inclusive and more reflective of 2010, where you have so many people from so many walks of life who don’t necessarily observe Christmas," said former School Committee member Richard O’Neill, who in March brought forward the change, which was approved unanimously. "There was a brief discussion about changing the identification. Political correctness had nothing to do with it."
What about all those poor, offended folk who don't celebrate Valentine's Day, Independence Day or, God forbid, Patriots Day (a Massachusetts holiday)?
Superintendent of Schools Christine McGrath said it was a simple matter of giving the traditional holiday break a more generic designation, just like February vacation or April vacation.
And what would the motive for that be?
"The School Committee thought it was a bit more sensitive to the diverse needs and cultural traditions of our community," McGrath said.
Sensitive? Hang on just a minute, now. Being more "sensitive" is the backbone of the PC disease, is it not?
The Byam Elementary School in Chelmsford became a lightning rod of controversy last year when parents Kathy Cullen and Kathy McMIllan argued that banning Christmas items from the school’s annual holiday gift-shop fundraiser was taking political correctness to a new level.
Christmas is part of the cultural fabric of America. A fabric which is regularly disrespected by the Dems because they're not chasing the votes of traditional Americans. It's as simple as that.
"I understand what they’re saying -- not everyone celebrates Christmas," said Linda Lambo, a 40-year resident of the town. "But it’s getting to the point now where everyone is offended by everything. I’d like to go back 40 or 50 years when you could still salute the flag in school and sing ’God Bless America.’"
Linda, next time you'd be better off not giving the reporter your name. Liberals have all sorts of nasty words they use to disparage your kind.