Illinois: Let Them Pay Taxes!

Since the 14 senators from Wisconsin are on the lamb, living and working in Illinois, shouldn't they be paying income taxes to their new state - just as a professional athlete pays taxes for any night he's playing on the road?

A Republican lawmaker from Illinois introduced legislation Thursday that would subject Wisconsin senators who crossed the border to Illinois income taxes for their time working in "the Land of Lincoln."

After all, if they want to force others to live in tax hell, shouldn't they have to do it too?

Illinois Rep. Mike Tryon, of Crystal Lake, said the Wisconsin lawmakers should be subject to the Illinois tax in the same way Green Bay Packers players must pay Illinois tax for games played at Soldier Field.

Fourteen Democratic senators from Wiscosin fled the state for Illinois a week ago to avoid having to vote on Gov. Scott Walker's bid to strip most collective bargaining rights from public employees.

Tryon said he opposed a 2007 bill that extended the 5% Illinois tax to temporary workers -- including professional athletes and movie stars. But  if it's on the books, the Wisconsin senators should pay, Tryon said.

"We believe they are working because they are on TV saying they are working," he said.

All in a day's work.