Illegal War

I know I'm the odd man out, but I'd rather have a government that starts "illegal" wars than one which entices minors to get pregnant, get family planning counseling, and go on Medicaid without their parents being told. But the new stimulus plan includes a section that would do just that.
A child would be able to receive benefits through a "presumptive eligibility period" and beyond without parental knowledge that he or she applied for Medicaid.
I'd rather have a government that tortures our enemies than one that drives a wedge between parents and their children over the glory of free and frequent abortions.
Benefits are not limited to "family planning services and supplies." Section 5004 expands benefits at state option to include "medical diagnosis and treatment services that are provided in conjunction with a family planning service in a family planning setting." This is a massive loophole.
I would rather live in a society that dares to monitor phone calls made to terrorists than one that treats teen abortion as grounds for distorting all logic and decency.
Providers would quickly learn that all they have to do is ask certain questions to qualify as "a family planning service in a family planning setting." For instance, all a provider has to do is ask a patient, "Are you sexually active?" and that encounter automatically meets the new, broad test, thereby triggering Medicaid payment for other services as well, paid for with a 90 percent match rate from the federal government.
All the evils that the Bush administration supposedly dumped on America and the world don't do anything, in my mind, to measure up to the criminality that Democrats support on a regular basis.
Fertility drugs are not currently covered by Medicaid, but as a new benefit to be defined by the states, it is not clear whether these restrictions would still apply. Without a doubt, special interest groups would pressure the states to expand such benefits, given the 90 percent match rate.
It's an illegal war on the family, and the values that made America.