ICU Party

Republicans need to pick up 39 seats to take back control of the house. How good are their chances?

While all 435 House seats are at stake every two years, the nonpartisan analyst Stu Rothenberg has estimated that 88 seats are in play. Of those, 76 are currently held by Democrats.

76 of the 88 shaky incumbents are Dems. 31 of those 76 are in their first terms. Wow. The best time to knock off a congressman is on their first reelection try.

“Trouble is an understatement for many of them,’’ said David Wasserman, who follows House races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, which rates nearly three-fourths of the freshman Democrats as being in competitive races. “They’ve won under ideal circumstances. They haven’t had to run in a neutral political environment, let alone a difficult political environment.’’

While the economy may technically be in recovery, it's the sort of recovery that takes place whie the patient remains in a coma in intensive care. Not much fun, and it comes with a heavy price. Watch out bad guys, here we come.