I Love Mel

I'm picturing a sitcom... an update of the Bill Cosby Show, maybe, starring Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.

In yet another shocking rant caught on tape, embattled actor Mel Gibson tells ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that he will burn down her house after demanding sex from her.
It would be better than just another reality TV show... although, that wouldn't be bad either... more exciting than watching Ozzy Osbourne shuffle around the oversized Hollywood kitchen was.
In the tape obtained by RadarOnline.com, an incensed, out of breath Gibson chides Grigorieva for falling asleep the night before without giving him sex. He later threatens her physically, telling her he will burn down the house, but first she will have to give him oral sex. While reports of his threats were released last week, this is the first time the taped recording of the rant has been released. The singer and mother of Mel Gibson's eighth child (yep, he's an Octodad).
Since Mad Mel doesn't have much of a future in films, TV might be the best move for him.
Gibson also tells Grigorieva that he is in therapy before warning her “I better have my daughter.” This is the fourth released recording from a series of highly disturbing and violent rants against Grigorieva. In a previously released recording, Gibson allegedly admits to hitting Grigorieva and twice seems to threaten to kill her.