Humanitarian Behavior

Have you watched the video yet and wondered where the Ghandi spirit is among the "humanitarians" who were sailing supplies to Gaza, yet refused to turn back when ordered to do so by the Israel military?

Foreign leaders and protest organizers accused Israel of using excessive force in the raid in international waters, but Israel defended its actions, saying that soldiers were ambushed with knives and metal bars, as well as handguns wrested from the commandos. After the raid, Israel's Navy escorted the six vessels in the flotilla to the Israeli port of Ashdod, where the government had set up tents to accommodate them. Protesters were offered the choice of flying home immediately or facing arrest and imprisonment. By Monday evening, most were opting to be arrested, officials said, with as many as 600 activists from 40 nations still being held.
It seems clear that the Israeli's were set up - that it was the intention of the flotilla to create a violent situation that would play poorly for Israel on a public relations front.
Israeli officials Monday said their soldiers had expected moderate resistance and civil disobedience but instead encountered organized attacks the moment the commandos rappelled onto the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara, which had more than 500 passengers.
What's your take?